"It is better to regret something you do than to regret something you don’t do."

I’m just laying here watching this monster turn sailor moon and the sailor scouts into giant pastries while tuxedo mask babbles on about some random nonsense and I just want someone to snuggle with that I can look at and be like WTF tuxedo who does your writing…. I mean seriously even sailor moon thinks he’s off his rocker…..

You were sound asleep in my arms, I tried not to wake you up


- Tong

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If we can love someone so much

how will be able to handle it,

the one day when we are separated?

And, if being separated is part of life,

and you know about separation well,

is it possible that we can love someone

and never be afraid of losing them?

At the same time, I was also wondering,

is it possible that we can live our entire life

with out loving anyone at all?

That’s my loneliness.

I know just how bad loneliness feels.

I fear it will continue to get worse.

—Love of Siam, Mew

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Every damn time.



dream home.
I love it